The Wizard Path From The Simulator

Chapter 314: 188 “Stranger yet familiar” and “9232

Chapter 314: 188 “Stranger yet familiar” and “9232

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Outside of the Wizard Realm, beyond the Third Rift

Milton Cheney swiftly moved into the Third Rift.

The mission to the Guardian Sea has taken him a total of nearly 150 years.

In comparison to the time it took him to complete this task when he performed text simulation, this was a significant reduction.

Upon his return to the Guardian Sea, the Book of Truth floated in front of Milton.

A beam of white light flickered, and the Book of Truth began to flip pages automatically.

It stopped at a certain page.

As the Book of Truth ceased to flip, a trace of Milton’s consciousness appeared in the Task Space once again.

The moment his consciousness appeared in the Truth Space, it seemed as though he perceived something.

A faint luminescence detached from him, dissipated within the Task Space.

In the next moment, this consciousness was expelled from the Task Space.

The mission was completed and submitted.

For the next sixty years or so, Milton did not need to worry about the missions from the Guardian Sea.

Although sixty years might seem a long or a short duration depending on the perspective.

But for Milton, sixty years still represented a significant amount of time.

Even though he has already become a Level 4 Wizard, these sixty years would still be quite substantial for him.

After all, in reality, although Milton had mastered magic, he had not spent more than thirty years in the true Wizard Realm.novelbin

This timeframe might sound incredible, but that was the reality.

However, if Milton spends all these sixty years practicing Meditation Technique in his Wizard Tower.

Then, the sixty years would seem to quickly pass.

Because Advanced Level Wizards could enter a deep state of meditation and each session could last for six months to a year.

Sixty years would only be a few dozen Meditation Technique sessions, and time would apparently fly by.

However, it was obvious that Milton would not spend all these sixty years in his Wizard Tower practicing Meditation Technique.

After all, he could also practice text simulation Meditation Technique, which might even be more productive than true body simulation.

True body simulation, in most cases, would help him to see the way forward, discern the future, and avoid erroneous paths.

Hence, in a true body simulation, besides meditation, Milton would also test some conjectures that could not be effectively executed during text simulation.

The conclusions from these conjectures would directly determine some of Milton’s future choices.

Wizard Tower, top floor.

Milton’s figure instantly appeared here.

The moment he appeared here, Milton evaluated the top floor of the Wizard Tower.

After leaving for nearly one hundred and fifty years, there were no significant changes in the Wizard Tower.

Because of the special materials of the Wizard Tower, there was no dust here.

For one hundred and fifty years, it had been operating normally.

The moment Milton returned to the Wizard Tower, he could continue practicing the Meditation Technique seamlessly.

“An unfamiliar yet familiar feeling.”

Milton murmured to himself.

Although Milton possessed memories of countless simulations.

But memories are memories are different from re-experiencing them.

Milton hadn’t undergone a true body simulation for almost six years.

Having not returned to the Wizard Tower in one hundred and fifty years, Milton couldn’t help but feel a mix of strangeness and familiarity.

But this mood was only momentary.

The next moment, Milton adjusted his emotions and his expression returned to normal.

Milton walked to the center of the top floor of the Wizard Tower and sat cross-legged.

After sitting down, Milton slowly closed his eyes and began to practice Meditation Technique.

After cultivating the Meditation Technique for over a hundred years in the Stellar Realm, Milton felt pretty good to be practicing it again in the Wizard Tower.

His feeling was entirely reasonable.

After all, practicing Meditation Technique in the Wizard Tower of the Guardian Sea is much faster than that in the Stellar Realm.

Therefore, it was natural for Milton to feel good.

This feeling came from the speed of the Meditation Technique’s cultivation and the gradual elevation of spiritual power.

Once the Meditation Technique cultivation began, time appeared to pass much faster.

This was because if Milton devoted himself entirely to the cultivation of Meditation Technique, time for him would seem to run very fast.

A single long meditation session could take him as much as three years.

Time passed quickly, and twenty-two years passed in the blink of an eye.

Twenty-two years have passed since Milton completed his first task as a Level 4 Wizard.

During this time, Milton stayed in the Wizard Tower of the Guardian Sea, never leaving it once.

Actually, he had spent these twenty-two years on the top floor of the Wizard Tower practicing Meditation Technique.

Twenty-two years have passed, and Milton’s Meditation Technique has been cultivated for twenty-two years.

Milton didn’t just spend over a hundred years in the Stellar Realm doing nothing.

He did not have a shortage of cultivation resources.

Therefore, after returning to the Guardian Sea and the Wizard Tower, Milton first spent twenty-two years practicing Meditation Technique.

There were only less than forty years until the commencement of his next task.

Forty years might seem neither short nor long for Milton.

If he dedicated himself to the cultivation of Meditation Technique and was not bothered by anything else, then these forty years would go by quickly for him.


In the Wizard Tower, on the top floor.

Milton exhaled gently, slowly opening his eyes.

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