The Consortium's Heir

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 27

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 27

Chapter 27

There was another period of brief silence when the notification flashed across the stream‘s channel

The viewers watching the stream couldn‘t believe this. The mysterious Mr.ordinaryo had just sent Alice two universe in a row. That was a whooping sum of $50,000. That was way too luxurious! novelbin

Alice herself couldn‘t believe what was going on. When she started the competition she didn‘t hope to g et more than $10,000 from gifts. She was plenty satisfied with the gifts she had gotten, yet this mysterio us fan had sent her two super gifts in a row.

Alice wasn‘t the only one who was shocked. The three ladies on the stream including Sarah were comp letely shocked by what they saw. They never knew that Alice had such a wealthy fan!

The fanfare that accompanied the super gifts pulled more viewers to Alice‘s stream. More viewers flock ed to her stream for one single purpose. The presence of a verified account was more than enough to pull them to her stream. Even some streamers including the top one all ended their streams in order to see who the mysterious gifter was. Darius scoffed when he saw the attention he was getting. Several people were admiring him and calling him several glorified names like King rich, Emperor of wealth and so many other names. Weren‘t they the ones cursing him out and insulting him a few minutes ago? He wondered how stupid they would feel if they found out that Mr.ordinary10 was Darius Reid. (Mr.ordinaryio just gifted Alice the universe x5]. [Mr.ordinaryio just gifted Alice the universe x10]

(Mr.ordinaryio just gifted Alice the universe x20]

The fanfares accompanying the gifts pulled a lot of viewers to Alice stream and soon enough the number of viewers on her stream s

hot up to 400,000! That wasn‘t all. The numerous consecutive gifts increased the popularity of her strea m and sure enough in just a few minutes her stream‘s rank shot up from number 20 to number 1!

By this time everybody was speechless. They were completely tongue tied. Despite their shock, Darius was not planning on stopping anytime soon. He was going to show the m what a true noveau riche was.

(Mr.ordinary1o just gifted Alice the universe x3] (Mr.ordinaryio just gifted Alice the universe x10]

[Mr.ordinaryio just gifted Alice the universe x30] And in such manner, Darius gifted Alice continuously u ntil all the whole money he recharged had been exhausted. It was only then that he stopped gifting.

By this time, Alice viewers had shot up to over 600,000. It was a record high for her, as she had never h ad that much viewers in her show.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Alice couldn‘t believe what she was seeing. She knew that some people were wealthy, but she had never seen someone as wealthy as Mr.ordinary1o.

Her shock was understandable. After all he just gifted her 5 million dollars,

It was a crazy huge sum of money. She had never ever seen such a huge amount of money, yet someo ne had casually gifted her that exorbitant sum on her stream.

Sarah herself was now fidgeting in her seat. She had thought that the highest gifter would not gift more than $10,000, but now it seemed that she was incredibly wrong. A fan had just gifted Alice 5 million doll ars.

Originally, Sarah had planned to refuse anyone who asked her out on a date, but now she certainly tho ught otherwise. Even though David was one of the richest guys on campus, she seriously doubted if he could casually spend 5 million dollars the way Mr.ordinary1o did.

The comment section was quiet. The viewers were quiet. Alice herself was quiet. Everybody was quiet.

It was completely inconceivable that someone would spend 5 million dollars just to go out on a date wit h any of the ladies on the stream. While they were pretty, they were certainly not worth paying 5 million dollars just for a date.

After a few minutes had passed and there was no more fanfare, Alice finally came to her senses.

“T– Thank you Mr.ordinaryio for your gifts! I really appreciate!” Alice exclaimed. Darius smirked before drop ping a comment in the comment section. “It‘s nothing. I just can‘t pass up the opportunity to go out on a date with any of the beauties present.”

The comment section that was quiet before exploded immediately when they saw his comment.

“What the–?!”

“5 million dollars to go on a date?!”

“Wow. The rich are truly built differently from us huh?” Alice herself was surprised when she saw the comment. Spending 5 million dollars casually proved how wealthy he was. “Say, Mr.ordinar you choose who you would like to go on a date with, are you by chance a student of Kingston University a student of Kingston University.” Mr.ordinaryio replied through a comment “Oh wow!” Alice exclaimed. S

“Okay Mr.ordinary1o. Who would you pick to go on a date with?” Alice asked.

As everyone waited for his answer, both Alice and Sarah‘s heart beat rapidly. Alice herself praved for he

The comment section naturally wasn‘t quiet during the wait, with the viewers arguing among themselves

“Sarah of course. There are no doubts about this one.” “Sarah? Please be reasonable for once. Sarah a

Several other comments flew in the comment sections as they argued about who would be chosen.

When Darius noticed the remarks, he burst out laughing in his room. To be honest, Darius was uninteres stream. A few minutes after being asked the question by Alice, Mr.ordinaryio finally gave his answer.

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