The Consortium's Heir

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 26

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Darius smiled when he saw that Alice was hosting a competition to let the top gifter go on a date with any of the ladies in the stream.

Didn‘t they say that he was poor? He would show them!

He thought about using his real name in his account but decided against it. He didn‘t want to bring unn ecessary attention to him; at least not yet.

However, he wasn‘t going to let them get away with this. He was going to completely ruin their chances of them being able to go out on a date with them. Wasn‘t it money? He had a lot of it anyway.

With that thought in mind, Darius recharged his account with $5,000,000 at once. His account instantly leveled up to lv99, 1 level away from level 100. His name also had a blue verification tick on it, a symbol that the account‘s owner had topped up more than $1,000,000.

Darius wasn‘t bothered at all that he was spending lavishly. The Groove streaming platform belonged t o the Reid consortium, meaning that he was just enriching himself.

Finally the five minutes allocated to them to recharge their accounts was exhausted, prompting Alice to speak up.

“So the five minutes are up! And the competition begins now! Remember, the more you gift, the higher your chance s of going on a date with any of the ladies here including me. So don‘t hold back and shower us with yo ur gifts!” Alice announced cheerily.

Almost as soon as she finished talking, a notification flashed across the stream.

[ just gifted Alice a galaxy ship) Alice smiled broadly when she saw the gift. A galaxy shi p was by no means a small amount as it was worth $1,000. The name instantly rose on the gift‘s leader board rankings to number 1. The comment section went wild when they saw the gift‘s notification. “What the–?!” “A galaxy ship?!” “Wow people are really rich huh?” “Move aside peasants. I‘m the one who‘s going to go on a date with the ladies.”

Just as soon as the comment was made, a notification flashed across the stream‘s channel.

[kingcrafts_ just gifted Alice a skyscraper)

“The rich have arrived!”

“A skyscraper? Is there still a meaning to this competition?” Alice could barely contain her joy when she saw the skyscraper gift. A skyscraper was worth $

1.500, meaning that kingcrafts_had just paid $1,500 in order to get a chance to go on a date with them!

And that wasn‘t all. Just after kingcrafts jumped to number one on the gift‘s leader board rankings, seve ral notifications flashed across the stream‘s channel.

(zmeister just gifted Alice a world rose]

(sacogun just gifted Alice a cruise ship x2]

(nightcrawler23 just gifted Alice a golden throne x5] (sidonna just gifted Alice a diamond castle x10] Thi s went on for ten minutes and during those ten minutes the gift‘s leader board rankings kept changing By the time twenty minutes had passed, the gifting had slowed down significantly and zmeister was the number 1 gifter. By that time, most of the fans had exh austed the money they had recharged in their account.

Alice couldn‘t care about the slow gifting now. She had already amassed more than $20,000 in terms of profits from this single stream alone, which was way more than what she normally earned from a norm al stream.

The gifting session had also pushed her stream popularity into number 28 in the top 30 popular stream at the moment. That single feat alone earned her over 10,000 viewers, increasing the total number of vi ewers on her stream to 60,000.

“Is that all you have? Remember that the top gifter gets to a go on a date with any lady of his choice pr esent on the stream!” Alice announced, trying to get her fans to gift more.

However, her attempt failed woefully. Most of her fans weren‘t that wealthy, as the wealthy fans only foll owed the top 10 popular streamers. They had already gifted her the ones they could afford. novelbin

Alice saw that no one was gifting her anymore. She checked the time and saw that only four minutes were le ft before the thirty minutes were up. She decided to end the competition early and announce zmeister a s the winner. However just as she was about to do that, a notification flashed across the stream‘s chan nel.

Alice thought it was a little gift, but when she saw the golden color that accompanied the notification, sh e instantly thought otherwise. The golden color was only present in a super gift and was accompanied by a site wide broadcast, which meant that who ever gifted her stream gifted her a super gift.

Alice wasn‘t the only one who was surprised. The viewers watching the stream and other viewers/stream

[Mr.ordinaryio just gifted Alice the universe] There was a brief period of silence, as everyone stared at th

“Someone please pinch me.” “Someone gifted Alice the universe?!” “We‘ve got to check it out!”

Just that single super gift changed the status of Alice‘s stream. The number of viewers on her stream sh 60,000 to 100,000 in the span of a few minutes.

They were all curious to see who the mysterious wealthy fan was.

The popularity of her rank also shot up from number 28 to number 20, surpassing 8 live streams at once.

Naturally, his name rose from the bottom to the top, surpassing zmeister as the top gifter with a fan valu

The adjustments were expected because the universe was not just a super gift, but the most valuable super gift worth $25,000

When Alice noticed the blue verification tick on the gifter‘s name, her heart began to race. She knew what the blue tick meant as a streamer. It signified that Mr.ordinary1o had rech

Another golden notification flashed across her stream‘s channel, and a site wide broadcast followed, as her thoughts. [Mr.ordinary1o just gifted Alice the universe x2]

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