The Consortium's Heir

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 20

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Darius paid no attention to the glances the onlookers gave to him. He picked up his shopping bags full of the s hoes he selected and was about to head to the counter to pay for his goods when he felt someone tug on his shirt. He turned back and saw that it was the lady he saved.

He took a closer look at the lady and saw that she was really beautiful. She was tall, although not as tall as him, probably 180 cm, with f air skin and beautiful blonde hair. She also had an hourglass figure which her poor clothing did little to h ide. The girl stared back at Darius, and then looked back at her feet. She was too afraid to speak up, b ut she didn‘t want to let Darius go just like that. He had just paid 1 million dollars on her behalf. Even th ough to him it might seem like nothing due to how rich he was, to her it was something very touching. After fidgeting for a few seconds, she finally had the courag e to speak up.

“Hello.” She muttered; her voice very meek. Darius didn‘t reply and kept staring at her, waiting for her to speak up. When she saw that Darius didn‘t respond, she finally braced herself to speak up. “Thank yo u very much for your help sir. If you didn‘t even help me I don‘t dare imagine what would have happene d to me.” The lady said, her voice still shaking from the fear she had when she recalled what happened earlier. Darius sighed. He completely understood her fears. He had been poor his whole life so he had been in these kind of situations before. Back then he had wished that he had someone to help him out, but that wasn‘t what happened. This was why when he saw the lady being mistreated he instantly felt v ery angry at the young man. “What‘s your name?” Darius asked in a soothing voice. “Helen.” The lady r eplied, still looking downwards. “Look at me Helen.” Darius said; his voice inviting.

Helen obeyed and looked up at Darius. Darius smiled at her and she felt her heart melting at his smile. She looked like she had finally found the man of her dreams. Not only was he extremely wealthy, he wa

s tall, handsome and most importantly he was very kind! novelbin

Most of the rich people she had seen were always arrogant, mean and haughty. It was no surprise she instantly fell for Darius at once.

“It‘s nothing. I just can‘t stand such behavior, especially when it‘s coming from a fellow male.” Darius sa id.

Darius smiled at her again and turned around to leave, but the lady he helped called him back again.

“I‘m incredibly sorry to bother you, but can I have your contact?” Helen asked shyly, her cheeks beet re d. She had never asked for a man‘s contact before and neither had she given a man her contact details for various reasons.

For one she was very poor, so she had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet. As such she didn‘t ha ve time for any type of a relationship with a man.

Another reason was that she was a student at Lockwood University, another top university in the neighborhood, so the little free time she was not working she channeled them towards her studies.

Also, many of the men she had met just wanted her for her body. They always had perverted and lecherous gazes when they looked at her, so it was n ot a surprise that she completely shut out men in her life.

However, after the events that occurred today, she broke her ironclad rule and took the initiative to ask for his contact.

Darius smiled at her, making her heart beat rapidly before giving her his contact. After he did so, he turned around and left Helen to her thoughts.

Helen blushed as she watched him leave before turning around and rushing out of the store. She check ed the time on her phone and saw that over an hour had passed since she arrived at the store. She gro aned when she thought about her boss that was still waiting for her to arrive with the shoes. She was s urely getting a pay cut there was no doubt about that.

She had gone quite a far distance from the store when she let out a loud groan, attracting the attention of people nearby. In her bid to leave in a hurry, she had forgotten to ask her benefactor something very important. She didn‘t ask him for his name.

Helen sighed. It was all good. After all she had managed to get his contact. It was better to have his con

Darius on the other hand stood in front of the counter about to pay for his shoes. The bill had summed u

He promptly paid for his shoes before making his way out of the store. He boarded a taxi back to his dor

When he arrived in his dorm room, he saw that it was still vacant. Knowing his roommates, Darius assumed that the lectures for the day had already ended and that they had gone to the club to look for women.

He exhaled a sigh. He hadn‘t been to the club all these while because he was too busy to go to one. Pe

After arranging his shopping bags of shoes like he did to his clothes, he lay down on his bed. He needed deserved rest because the day‘s events had left him exhausted

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