The Consortium's Heir

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 19

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 19

Chapter 19

The young man looked at Dar

ung man looked at Darius for a brief second before bursting out into laughter. Darius stood still and wat ched the man laugh for a few seconds. When the man was done laughing, he wiped a fake tear from th e corner of his eye before speaking.

“What? You want to pay for the shoes?” The young man asked.

Darius remained silent and only stared at the young man, showing how dead serious he was.

“You can‘t be serious. How do you even want to pay for the shoes when you can‘t even afford a decent pair of shoes?” The young man asked in a mocking ton e.

Everyone immediately moved their eyes to Darius‘ shoes. When they saw the worn out shoes he was wearing, another round of whispering and gossip broke out. “He‘s asking the price for the limited edition collection shoes while he can‘t even afford a nice pair of shoes?” “I can‘t believe my eyes. What sort of vanity is that?” “He must be probably trying to impress the lady. After all look at his outfit, plain ordinary .”

The lady who stepped on the young man‘s shoes felt her heart leap to her throat. She didn‘t pay attention her defender‘s outfit, but when she did the tiniest bit of hope she ha d about him being able to pay for the shoes flew out the window.

Although his outfit was very neat and presentable, he didn‘t look like someone who could afford to pay for the sh oes, especially not after she took a look at his worn out shoes.

The young man smirked before speaking. “Sure. I‘ll tell you. This pair of shoes cost 1 million dollars.” The young man replied in a haughty tone. Everyone sucked in a deep b reath when they heard the price for the shoes..

1 million dollars?

That was absolutely ludicrous!

There was no way that a pair of shoes would cost 1 million dollars. It was completely unbelievable!

The lady felt tears welling up in her eyes. Now she had really done it this time. She had never seen that amount of money before in her life, so how would she be able to pay it? Even the young man who was standing up for her would not be able to pay such a huge sum for the shoes.

The young man smirked as he watched Darius face closely for any change in his expression. Once again he had made up a lie regarding the price of the shoes. He had made up another falsehood about the price of the sho es. They didn‘t cost more than $10,000, but he had increased the price by a factor of 100 to entice Darius to go. He assumed that even if Darius had any cash on him, he would not pay such an outrageous price for a pair of shoes. He didn‘t care

about getting paid for the shoes in the first place. He merely desired to put Darius in his proper place D arius smirked as he looked at the young man. He wasn‘t a fool. He knew that the other party was under estimating him and didn‘t believe that he could actually pay 1 million dollars for the shoes, so he was g oing to use that to his advantage

“Sure. I‘ll pay the money to you. You must, however, pledge to apologize to the lady appropriately until she accepts the apology. Deal?” Darius stated, his eyes glimmering with mischief. He was trying to per suade the young man to accept the deal.

The young smirked before replying to Darius

“I‘ll accept your deal under one condition.” The young man said. He couldn‘t accept a deal where he‘ll b e the only one who would face a penalty.

“You‘ll kneel down and beg for my forgiveness if you don‘t pay the money in five minutes.” the young m an said in a scornful tone. novelbin

“Deal.” He didn‘t believe that the young man could actually afford to pay such an amount of money and was trying to bluff him into accepting the deal.

Darius didn‘t say anything more and brought out his phone. He collected the man bank details and type d away on his phone.

Everyone watched the scene with rapt attention. They wanted to see the outcome of the drama and not miss any tiny detail.

Darius raised his head from his phone and smirked.

“It‘s done.” He said confidently.

“It‘s done? What do you mean–?” The young man started, but was cut short by the buzz in his phone. He brought the phone and looked at it. However, his expression changed from that of pride to one of di sbelief.

The young man couldn‘t believe his eyes. The man in front of him could really pay 1 million dollars for a pair of shoes?!

His heart began to pound erratically. Anyone who could afford such a large sum of money was not your average Joe. His parents‘ net worth is unlikely to exceed $5 million. From what he

could see, this person was worth a lot more than his entire family!

“Apologize to her now.” Darius stated coldly. While 1 million dollars would seem extravagant in their eyes, it was nothing worth mentioning to h

to see, but then again he had made a deal with Darius. He couldn‘t go back on the deal now.

“I‘m sorry for my behavior earlier. Please accept my apology.” The young man said, bowing lightly to the lady he slapped several times just a few minutes ag

What had happened surprised the lady in question. To her, everything seemed like a dream. She was st

The young man‘s head remained bowing for a few minutes, before the lady believed that he was actually apologizing to her. Not wanting to take the ca

The young man raised his head up and looked at Darius briefly. Darius remained where he stood with a young man felt his heart squeezing. His pride had been dealt a huge blow today. He quickly turned back the store.

Several individuals dispersed as soon as he left, but not before casting several glances at Darius. The d fight. It was completely unexpected.

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