The Consortium's Heir

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 18

The Consortium’s Heir By Benjamin Jnr Chapter 18

Chapter 18 The young man looked at Darius with a very livid expression on his face. He couldn‘t believ e the kind of luck he had.

First, a no–name bitch had stepped on his shoes and while he was disciplining her, another idiot had come to play hero at his expense. Did the person want to die?

He tried to yank his hands off the stranger‘s grip but the stranger‘s grip was just too strong. novelbin

“I don‘t know who you are but I suggest you unhand me this instant. Otherwise it won‘t end well for you. ” The young man said angrily.

The people in the crowd all watched this scene with bated breaths. They had thought this would be a o ne sided beat down for the lady who had offended this big shot, but they didn‘t expect another person t o step out from the crowd and stand up for the lady. The lady herself felt very shocked. She clearly did not expect anybody to stand up for her. She thought that she was already doomed, but now it seemed t hat that wasn‘t the case.

“I won‘t unless you promise to let the lady go.” Darius stated firmly, tightening his grip on the young ma n‘s hands. Although the young man was beginning to feel pain from the grip on his hands, he didn‘t dar e show it, unless he might lose his prestige in front of the now large crowd. “Let her go? Do you know w hat she did?” The young man hollered. “Isn‘t it just a pair of shoes? Does a pair of shoes really warrant such violent behavior from you that you would dare hit a helpless lady?” Darius stated, his eyes blazing as he spoke. “A pair of shoes you say? As if!” The you ng man exclaimed. “This isn‘t just a pair of shoes; this is a limited edition collection from a very famous shoemaker! There are only 10 of them in the entire world! How on earth could a normal pair of shoes c ompare. And now this whore has ruined it!” The young man

exclaimed. He was very agitated and felt his anger even rising the more when he recalled how rare the pair of shoes was.

The revelation from the young man set off a wave of gossip among the crowd. They had no idea that th e pair of shoes was so expensive and rare. “My My! A pair of shoes from a limited edition collection?!” “I magine how expensive that would be!” “Tsk Tsk. The girl would have taken the blame alone but this you ng man is involved now.” “He was just trying to be a gentleman, but he really should have been more c areful.”

The person who was the most shocked was the sales lady. Who would have thought that the pair of sh oes she stepped on was something so rare and expensive? H thought of the amount that would be needed for consolation if it ever came down to that.

She had been glad a few seconds ago that she had gotten someone who would possibly stand

up for her. But now she was sure that it was a baseless hope. No sane person would continue to defend her after hearing the history behind the pair of shoes.

However, the main reason why the young man told Darius about the origin of the shoes was that he wa s unable to overpower Darius. While Darius was dressed plainly, his raw strength convinced the young man not to use violence against Darius.

In reality, the shoes were far from rare. They were created by a reputable shoemaker, but the claims th at they were part of a limited edition collection and that there were only ten in the world were complete l ies. There were more than 10,000 shoe brands in the world. He merely made up that tale to frighten Da rius away so he could focus on the lady without any interruption.

On the contrary, Darius couldn‘t care less about the history behind the shoes. Even if there were only two of the shoes in the whole world, that was no reason for him to treat a human like that. Even th

ough they were poor, they were still humans. Or were a pair of shoes more important than human lives?

“I suggest you let go of my hands now. If you do, I‘ll overlook your slight misconduct and not deal with y ou too. However, if you insist to stay and defend this bitch, then don‘t blame me for anything that happe ns.” The young man warned. Darius didn‘t flinch even after hearing the young man‘s warning.

“Can you tell me how much that pair of shoes costs?” Darius asked in a cold tone.

His question stunned everyone present. Why was he asking for the price of the shoes now? What did t hat have to do with the situation at hand?

Just as they were thinking that, a sudden thought flashed through their mind. “Don’t tell me? Is he trying shoes?!” Someone muttered. “That‘s ridiculous. The shoes are from a limited edition collection! It‘s going

The young man himself was shocked. This young man still didn‘t leave. Instead he was trying to pay for

The young lady was very touched, but even her felt that this was going too far. If the young man hadn‘t i

free. She didn‘t want the man to spend a huge sum of money on a pair of limited edition collection shoes on her behalf. She was already grateful for his help. “Sir, please don‘t go any farther than this. I‘m glad that you were willing to stand up for me but this situation is solely

Darius gave her a friendly smile but said nothing. He wasn‘t just doing it for her. He did it to show that it w

In a harsh tone, he turned back to the young man and inquired again. “Can you tell me how much that p

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