The Ceo’s Convict Wife

Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411

Looking at Hanna’s absent-minded face, Teresa and Paul thought their threats worked.

“Don’t worry. As long as you are willing to give us a house, we won’t say anything more. When we meet your boyfriend, we’d like to praise you more, saying how filial you are and that you don’t forget your family even when you’re rich now…” Teresa continued.

Hanna thought, “Family… My family… They had long been gone.”

Hanna looked at her aunt and cousin in front of her with red eyes, “I don’t need you to say anything nice for me. I’ve made it clear that I would not pay for it, let alone buy a house for you.”

Teresa’s face changed, and Paul seemed to believe that his chance at getting a free house had vanished. His expression grew fierce. He said, “You’ve chosen the hard way, right? It’s fine if you don’t buy me a house. I’ll just go and find your boyfriend, that Mr. Gunner, and make him find out what kind of person you are!”

As soon as he finished his words, a voice came up, “What do you want me to find out?”

Instantly, Teresa and Paul froze, staring blankly at the approaching figure with a deep voice. And Paul quickly recognized the man as Calvin Gunner, the scion of the entertainment industry!

“Cal… Calvin!” Paul looked embarrassed. He hadn’t expected Calvin to be here!

And he wondered how many words Calvin had just heard.

Calvin had already walked to Hanna’s side. He raised one hand and gently held Hanna’s shoulder. “Are you okay?”

Hanna stared at Calvin in a daze with tears in her eyes. Somehow, she suddenly had an impulse to cry when seeing him at this moment.

Paul hurriedly said, “She’s good! We are all from her family! Well, Mr. Gunner. I’m Paul, Hanna’s cousin. This is my mother.”

Paul introduced himself flatteringly, and Teresa smiled obsequiously as if she had seen a lot of money coming towards her.

“It’s a blessing for Hanna to have a boyfriend like you, Mr. Gunner! By the way, Hanna lost her parents at a young age. And we have struggled to bring her up. I always treat her as my own daughter,” Teresa said with concern.

Someone who didn’t know about her might think she really treated Hanna well.

With that, Teresa rubbed her hand and said, pretending to be honest, “Recently, Paul is getting married. The family of his girlfriend says he should have an independent marital home. But because our family doesn’t have enough money, we are here hoping Hanna can figure out a way to help raise some money to buy Paul a marital home.”

Seeing this, Paul hurriedly said, “Mom, how could Hanna not be willing to do that? She is my sister. Now, my friends and my girlfriend all know that Hanna is Calvin’s girlfriend. They also said Hanna was blessed, and I could get some benefits because of her. Hanna, that makes sense, right?”

Paul tried to force Hanna to agree with his words. If Hanna didn’t want to turn against them in front of Calvin, she could only agree.

As long as Hanna agreed in front of Calvin, they would naturally find a way to get more benefits.

In their opinion, it was natural for Hanna to keep in harmony with them in front of Calvin if she didn’t want to ruin her reputation.

However, Hanna said directly, “I don’t think so!”

These words stunned Teresa and Paul.

“What… What did you say?”

“I said, I don’t think I should help you raise any money. Paul, it is your own business to buy a marital home. I have no obligation to raise money for you. If you can afford it, buy it. If you cannot afford it, you should discuss with your girlfriend renting a house and living there,” said Hanna coldly.

“You enjoy your life with Mr. Gunner! How dare you don’t feel ashamed to let your cousin and his wife rent a house?” Teresa suddenly raised her voice.

“Mom, don’t do this. It will scare Hanna,” Paul quickly intervened. Then, with an apologetic expression, he turned to Calvin and said, “Mr. Gunner, please don’t mind. My mother just didn’t expect Hanna to say such things… She was angry for a moment. We have always believed that since we are family, we should help each other through difficulties.”

“Oh, family?” Calvin raised his eyebrows.

Paul said, “Yeah, if Hanna hadn’t been adopted by my family, maybe she would have gone to an orphanage. I thought I could live with my girlfriend by renting a house. But… since Hanna is your girlfriend now, I’m afraid that if I really rent a house to live in, others will condemn Hanna for having no conscience and only seeking her own comfort. So I think maybe it will be better to buy a house.”

After saying this, Paul looked sincere as he continued, “If Hanna really doesn’t want to lend us some money… How about you lend me some money, Mr. Gunner? I can write an IOU. I will definitely paynovelbin

back the money in the future. I just don’t want others to misunderstand Hanna.”

His words were sincere as if he and Hanna were really siblings with real love.

Paul thought that Calvin would definitely give him money or a house, as he had said so.

And he thought that Calvin wouldn’t be embarrassed to ask him to pay back such a small amount of money.

Calvin looked at Paul with a faint smile and said, “In that case, you are really considerate.”

“It’s nothing. Since I’m her cousin, I should take care of her,” Paul said.

“How about your opinion? What do you want me to do?” Calvin turned around and looked at Hanna. He directly asked Hanna to make a decision as if he would do whatever she wanted no matter what decision she made.

“Calvin, you don’t need to lend them money because of me,” Hanna said.

“Hanna, don’t go too far!” Paul was anxious. He thought that he had finally managed to persuade Calvin, but now Hanna was about to ruin everything.

“I’ve made it clear. I won’t lend any money to you,” Hanna said sternly.

“Damn you! Do you think you can be so arrogant because you are now with Mr. Gunner?!” Teresa shouted, and she was about to slap Hanna in the face as usual.

After all, she had always slapped Hanna in the face if Hanna made her annoyed.

It had been one of her habits.

However, she forgot that Calvin was still there.

Calvin stopped Teresa as Teresa raised her hand. While Calvin had been relaxed a few moments ago, he now looked cold. He said, “No one can hit her in front of me.”

As Calvin finished his words, he made Teresa stumble to the ground. Her hand that was about to hit Hanna hurt so much.

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