The Ceo’s Convict Wife

Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410

However, as she continued, her voice became somewhat stuttered.

Nonetheless, her response was shocking to Calvin.

Obviously, he didn’t expect her to answer so bluntly. He was just interested in seeing how she would respond. But now he was the one taken aback.

He understood that Hanna liked him, so she wanted to kiss him. Her eyes were clear and pure as if she were telling him clearly that she just liked him without anything else.

“If you want another kiss, then… you can kiss me now,” he replied.

Hanna was stunned and blinked her eyes as if she didn’t realize what had happened.

“What? Don’t you want it?” he said.

“I want it!” she answered almost subconsciously. After a while, she seemed to come back to her senses and said with a blush, “Well… Is it really okay?”

“What’s wrong with that?” He smiled slightly, and the usual indifference in his eyes seemed to unconsciously melt away.

Hanna licked her dry lips nervously. She thought, “He agreed. Did h have some feelings for me?”

At least, Calvin didn’t reject kissing her. Then, would he fall in love w her gradually?

Hanna put down the pen and held Calvin’s face.

Her hands were warm, and she was nervous and serious at the moment.

Calvin only felt that Hanna was very endearing at this moment. There were a lot of women who wanted to kiss him, but it was the first time that a woman showed such an expression when kissing him.

“I… I don’t have much experience. If I don’t do well later… You… Please don’t mind,” Hanna said.

A hint of joy flashed in Calvin’s eyes. He said, “It doesn’t matter.”

Hanna took a deep breath again, and then she carefully leaned forward and kissed Calvin on his lips.

It was as soft as she remembered.

But it was as cool as she remembered.

And she wanted to warm his lips.

Hanna kissed him as if she had forgotten the time. She didn’t stop until her cold lips finally began to warm up.

But when she opened her eyes, she found herself looking into his deep and dark eyes.

Her body suddenly stiffened, and her face flushed again. She said, “Did… Did I kiss too long just now? Sorry, I’ll pay attention to the time next time.” novelbin

He chuckled, and it seemed she could easily make him smile. “Do you want there to be a next time?”

Hanna became even more embarrassed. “That’s… that’s not what I meant. I don’t mean… I… I do hope there can be another kiss… Well…”

The more she said, the more flustered she became, and her voice was becoming increasingly stuttered.

He sighed and took the initiative to kiss her lips, which made he op stuttering.

She blinked her eyes in a daze and was stunned. After a momen only heard his elegant voice ringing in her ears. He said, “Alright ‘the next time”.”

Hanna was momentarily dazed, and then she felt Calvin gently stro her head. “If you really want more next time, there can be another ne time… and so on.”

There was joy in Hanna’s eyes. She wondered if he meant she could kiss him again.

It felt like they were getting closer to each other.

Just then, a knock on the door shattered the wonderful atmosphere.

Hanna said hurriedly, “I… I’ll go answer the door.” It was also a way to calm her heart, which was wildly beating.

However, when she opened the door, her expression instantly darkened.

Outside the door were Teresa and Paul.

As soon as Teresa saw Hanna, she said, “Hanna, I think you can’t be so cruel. Last time, I asked you to borrow some money, but you refused it. If Paul hadn’t told me that the person you are dating recently is Mr. Gunner, the most powerful man in the entertainment industry, I would have thought you were really broke.”

Hanna frowned. Obviously, her family had learned about her relationship with Calvin from the news.

Paul, standing beside Teresa, said with dissatisfaction, “Hanna, you’ve become the girlfriend of Mr. Gunner. I guess you have made a lot of money from him. We just asked you to borrow some money, but you refused. Don’t you think you are too stingy?”

“That’s true. Paul is the only heir of the Zimmerman family. Shouldn’t you pay for his marriage?” Teresa scolded.

Hanna thought it was ridiculous. So what was she? She said, “Paul is the only heir of your family, not my family. I have no obligation to do that.”

Teresa complained, “Hanna, you shouldn’t have said that. What are you talking about? Don’t forget that your family name is also Zimmerman! Besides, Paul is going to marry his girlfriend. Now he wants to house and pay a dowry. Since you are the girlfriend of that Mr. it’s an easy thing to give Paul a house as a gift, right?”

“A house?” Hanna never expected Teresa to make such a bold req

“It’s just a house, just a few million. It’s a piece of cake for you cons the money you’ve received from that Mr. Gunner. You should help cousin out. Besides, it’s good for your reputation. You wouldn’t want people to say that the girlfriend of Mr. Gunner couldn’t even afford a house for her cousin when he’s getting married, would you?” Teresa sai taking it for granted.

Hanna refused directly, “I won’t buy a house for you. No matter who my boyfriend is, it’s none of your business.”

“You…” Both Teresa and Paul changed their expressions.

Paul threatened, “Aren’t you afraid that we will tell Mr. Gunner about the fact that you made your parents die?”

“Yeah. If it weren’t for protecting you, how could your parents die? It was all because you had made a scene and insisted on going to the Grand Valley!”

“Hanna, you’re the one who caused your parents’ deaths! If we hadn’t raised you all these years, would you have what you have today? If Mr. Gunner finds out you are unconscionable, he will dump you immediately!”

What they said was laced with threats.

Hanna’s face gradually turned pale, and she felt like hearing the shouting of her parents in the car accident. At that time, she just kept crying and didn’t know anything.

By the time she understood, her parents could no longer open their eyes.

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