The Ceo’s Convict Wife

Chapter 1409

Chapter 1409

Warren pressed his thin lips tightly, and her indifferent attitude made him uncomfortable.

“Then, what reason do you think is appropriate?” he said coldly.

“You can say that I don’t adapt to the life of a rich family and insist on divorce. Or you can say I don’t want to be just a housewife in your family. I want to explore the world on my own. And we have different values, and our love couldn’t last in reality. So, we have to get divorced. Otherwise… you could say that I only married you to let you donate your liver to me. Now that my purpose has been achieved, I want a divorce.”

Every word she said made his face darker.

Every reason she mentioned felt like she was preparing to bear the blame for the divorce herself.

“Do you want to divorce me so much, and you’re even willing to tarnish your reputation?” Warren frowned and said it unhappily.

Amelia was stunned. She said, “In any case, we’re getting a divorce. If I bear the blame, the losses for the York family and for you would be minimal, wouldn’t they?”

Indeed, the losses to him would be minimized. But he didn’t feel happy when hearing these words from her!

“Amelia, you know that you are destined to divorce me. Can you sti stand pretending to be a loving couple with me?” Warren stood up, walked to her, and suddenly leaned down with his hands on the arm on both sides of her chair.

Suddenly, she felt a strong sense of oppression. In this position, she felt like he had imprisoned her in his arms. His eyes were almost looking straight into her eyes. Their faces were so close that they could easily feel each other’s breathing.

Amelia looked at Warren in a daze.

He looked paler than before. And he seemed thinner, with a faint sense of fragility.

And all of this was because he had donated his liver to her once again.

“What can’t I stand?” Amelia asked calmly.

But her calmness made him feel extremely dazzled.

Suddenly, his face was closer to hers, his lips almost touching hers. He said, “What about doing this in public? Can you stand it?”

Her eyelashes trembled slightly. She replied, “I can take it.”

He pressed his lips firmly against hers, kissing her forcefully. It was an intensely passionate kiss as if he were venting something.

After a long time, he finally ended the kiss and stared at her, panting. He asked, “What about now?”

But to his disappointment, her expression remained calm as if the kiss just now meant nothing to her.

“Warren, I can take it. Now that I have made such a decision, I’m mentally prepared. Even if there are many intimate actions between us in front of others, it’s acceptable,” she said.

Acceptable… A strange anger suddenly rose in Warren’s chest. “Amelia, if it were another man doing this to you today, would you also accept it?”

Amelia frowned, “Are you making trouble out of nothing?” She thought his assumption wouldn’t be true.

“Since you said you could accept it, we’ll live together from tomorrow. I’ll prepare a house in Strico. As for the children and your mother, whether they should move there with us or not is up to you!” He straened up and looked down at her from above.

She was shocked. “You’re going to live in Strico?” She though staying there for a few days.

“Yes, I will stay in Strico until we get divorced,” he replied, glane deeply. Then he turned away and said, “Get ready for it.”

After saying that, he walked out of the room and left Amelia alone small living room. novelbin

She thought, “Tomorrow… Am I moving in with him? Is it… the last tim get along with him?” Amelia couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Hanna noticed that whenever she was with Calvin, she couldn’t help but glance at his lips. For example, now she was working overtime in the studio to draw some storyboards on the weekend, while Calvin sat on the sofa nearby and accompanied her, flipping through the comic books she had in the studio.

But when she was painting, she couldn’t help but glance at him.

If it weren’t for the storyboards she had to finish today, she would have picked up the brush and started drawing him!

He was sitting there so quietly, reading comic books, and he looked as beautiful as a painting.

He had a beautiful facial outline, and his eyebrows were sharp. Seen from the side, his straight nose was especially attractive. But his lips fascinated her the most.

His lips were well-defined and thin, which looked sexy. With a hint of pale pink, they looked so good.

Moreover, his lips felt very soft when kissed… It was a pity that the last time he took the initiative to kiss her, the kiss seemed to be a bit short…

“As I said, if you want to look at me, you can do it openly.” His voice suddenly sounded.

Hanna’s face suddenly turned red as she met his dark eyes. She thought she had been caught red- handed for peeking at him.

“Well, I just think you look good,” Hanna said with a hint of embarrassment.

“It looks like I’m quite attractive to you,” he teased.

“Of course,” Hanna said.

“Then what were you thinking when you looked at me just now?” asked.

“I was thinking that the last kiss was too short…” she blurted out, and then, after a few seconds, realized what she had said. Instantly, she felt like her face was on fire. She hastily waved her hands and said, “I… I was just joking. Don’t take it seriously!”

After saying that, she lowered her head and stopped looking at his pretty face. She tried to focus on the storyboard in her hand again, but still couldn’t concentrate.

Suddenly, his voice sounded above her head. “Do you want the next kiss to be longer?”

Hanna suddenly looked up and saw Calvin had walked to her side, slightly leaning down and asking.

As soon as she looked up, his face immediately enlarged in front of her.


Hanna heard herself swallowing.

She thought, “Come on. Doesn’t he realize that with a face like his and saying such things, it is very easy to make people think inappropriately?”

“Well?” He hummed softly as if waiting for her answer.

She looked at the face in front of her blankly and suddenly said as if she had made some determination, “Yes, I hope our kiss can last longer. And I also hope to kiss you again because… because I love you. That’s the reason why… why I think so…”

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