Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1460 We will meet again, Master.

Chapter 1460 We will meet again, Master.

1460 We will meet again, Master.novelbin


I do not wish to lose all these memories and forget about you... I...

I do not wish to start again.

I cannot lose you."

Those words pierced through Nux's heart which had become cold and devoid of any feelings. As someone who had seen his wives' deaths countless times, with each life, he continued to lose some of his emotions till he got to the point where he became devoid of emotions.

They are all illusions.

They are not real.

These feelings got stronger with each passing life.

It was to the point even his wives' deaths weren't affecting his heart anymore... He couldn't feel anything even when he saw his 'wives'.


This time,


[First Target detected.]

With his mind registering Aeliana's words, an extremely familiar screen appeared in front of him.

[Initializing Supreme Harem God System]

[Connecting the Supreme Harem God System to the host's Soul] [Connection completed]

[Character info...]

More and more messages continued to appear in front of him and the instant Nux registered what happened, His eyes widened in surprise.

The system can only be awakened if he desires any woman.

He was in an illusionary world. None of the women here were real, the only women who could awaken his System were his wives. This was also the reason that in lives where he doesn't awaken his system, he never goes in front of his wives. He was even forced to kill himself in the early stages of the illusion because he saw one of his wives and the system awakened because of his desire.

Other than his wives, his system never awakened anyone simply because he didn't desire any other women in this fake world. Even the women he kidnapped and experimented with the system's 'dual cultivation' using his blood were the same.

He never desired any of them.

Even Aeliana, despite being close to her, he only ever saw her as a Master and as a friend. He never desired her as his wife because, at the end of the day, he knew this woman was not real.

She was someone who would eventually forget about him, all the time they spent together would end once this illusion ended, he was never supposed to develop feelings for her, he was never supposed to desire her. Then... Then why...

Why did the system awaken?

Was there some sort of error?


Did he desire this woman hugging him?

The moment Nux's mind registered this thought, he felt his heart skipping a beat. Feeling Aeliana's soft body embracing him, his hands moved on their own and embraced her back.

Aeliana was shocked by this reaction, instinctively, she could tell that this hug was different from anything that had happened before.

She could instinctively tell that this hug meant something... more.

It wasn't just a hug between a Master and a Student, Aeliana could sense that, however... The Vampire decided to close her eyes as she then tightened her hug, pulling her disciple close to her.

Feeling her hug, Nux's heart skipped another beat.

No more questions were needed.

No more doubts existed.

Nux got the answer...

'I want her...'

And the moment he got the answer, he frowned in confusion, 'I desire her...?'

He questioned himself.

How could he desire a woman who wasn't even real?

He was a man who loved his wives to the point where one would call him crazy. In this fake world, the only reason he desired his 'fake' wives was because he truly loved his real wives with all his heart. Other than those women, he should never desire anyone.


Then why...?

Why would he desire her...?

Why would he desire a woman he knew would disappear eventually?

Why would he desire a woman... who wasn't even real...?

All these questions troubled him.

One had to know, Nux was someone who had been trying to form his Law for tens of thousands of years, he had spent countless lives trying to do everything he could in order to form his Law.

Theoretically, his understanding of himself should be to the point of perfection. After all, he had always been proud of how he was a simple being who understood his own self. Questions about his own self, questions about his own feelings, his own desires, should never trouble him.

Why do I like this woman?

A question like this should never even arise in the first place. As someone who understood himself, Nux should already have the answer to this question in his mind... Unless...

His understanding of himself was incomplete.

Unless there was something about himself he didn't know... or... he didn't acknowledge.


Nux, who slowly came to the answer closed his eyes.

"I can't believe it..."

He muttered in a low voice.

"What?" Aeliana frowned as she sensed Nux tightening his hug around her.

"Was this the answer all along?" Nux questioned out loud.

"What are you talking about?"

"Did you know Master?"

"Know what?"

"Your disciple is a greedy being."


"Do you remember asking me all those questions back then?

I guess the answers I gave that time were wrong.

I am not a man who loves my wives. I am a greedy man, a man who would get whatever he wants, whoever he wants.

My Greed was never something hidden, it didn't just appear on a random day, it was always there, my hypocritical self just didn't accept it.


I can't believe I couldn't get to this answer sooner."

"Nux, what are yo-"

Aeliana was confused, however, before she could ask anything, Nux placed his index finger on her soft lips, freezing her entire body.

Then, with a gentle smile on his face, Nux spoke,

"I would have kissed you right here, however, as you know, this is not the real world, this is not your real self, My greed wouldn't allow me to get something I cannot possess for the rest of my life, therefore... I am going to steal it."

Saying those words, Nux moved his finger from Aeliana's lips to the top of her head, Aeliana then felt a strange energy entering her head, her body wanted to resist, but her heart, however, told her not to.

A few seconds later, Nux pulled his hand away, along with it, a translucent orb was created out of nowhere, "What is tha-"

Aeliana wanted to question, but,

"We will meet again, Master.

And the next time,

I won't be holding back and,

You won't escape my clutches."

The moment Nux said those words,


The world trembled before everything exploded.

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