She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497

After the groupings ended, the first day of the event ended.

It was already three in the morning. The first round of the preliminary competition was scheduled to officially begin at seven in the morning the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow was free time for the participants.

The Starlight Building became the official venue for this Divination Conference. The participants were also arranged to rest in the hotel rooms upstairs. During the competition, they did not receive any other guests.

After the meeting ended, every participant received their room number. Yu Huang's room number was Room 1906. She and the Jing family's clairvoyant disciples were assigned to the first floor. All the female clairvoyants lived in the rooms on the east side of the 19th floor, while the male clairvoyants lived in the rooms on the west side.

When Yu Huang arrived at the 19th floor, most of the Jing family's disciples were already there. Seeing Yu Huang come up, Jing Kang leaned against the hotel's passcode door and invited her, "We plan to have breakfast before resting. We can only start the first competition in a good state after we rest well. Madam Yu Huang, do you want to have breakfast with us?"

The other disciples also smiled at Yu Huang and looked forward to Yu Huang eating with them.

At this moment, Jing Jiaren also opened the door and walked out. She nodded at Yu Huang and said, "Let's go together. You're a registered disciple of the Jing family, so there's nothing wrong with us going together."

"Then sorry to disturb you guys." Yu Huang added, "Wait a moment. I'll change my clothes first."

"There's no hurry. We all have to change our clothes."


Yu Huang returned to her room and took a quick shower before changing into a sports suit. Then, she sat on the armchair beside the bed in the bedroom and turned on the AI. Seeing that Yin Rong and the others' contact profiles were all dim, she turned off the AI and stood up to walk out.

When Yu Huang followed the Jing family disciples to the hotel canteen, the canteen was already filled with participants. Seeing that Yu Huang and Jing Jia were together, the participants secretly exchanged glances.

Yu Huang represented Prime Emperor Divine Miracle. Since she was so close to the Jing family, could it be that the Jing family had already obtained the recognition of Prime Emperor Divine Miracle?

The cuisine on the Divination Continent was generally bland. There was less oil and less salt, and they were particular about preserving the original taste.

The ingredients here were all steamed. There was no barbecue meat or stir-fried food. As for heavy- flavored food like chili, it was impossible to find.

Yu Huang's taste was light to begin with, so she liked the food here quite a lot.

As she chewed on a piece of fresh fish slice, she suddenly thought of Sheng Xiao. Sheng Xiao did not like to eat fish and he only ate spicy fish pieces that had to have no fishy taste and he would frown whenever he smelled anything fishy. If Sheng Xiao was brought to the Divination Continent, he would starve to death.

As she thought about it, Yu Huang couldn't help but laugh.

Hearing her laughter, the Jing family disciples at the same table stopped eating and looked up at her in confusion. "Madam Yu Huang, did you think of something interesting?" Jing Kang asked the question

on everyone's mind once again.

Nodding, Yu Huang said, "I thought of my husband."

It was no secret that Yu Huang was already married. The Jing family disciples had done many investigations on Yu Huang, so they weren't shocked when they heard her words.

Jing Kang said, "So you're thinking of Mr. Sheng Xiao. We're not as outstanding as the Young Master and have yet to obtain the recognition of the Cang Lang Continent. Although we live on the Divination Continent, we've heard about Mr. Sheng Xiao before and are quite impressed with his achievements. We'd like to see if he's as impressive as the rumors say he is."

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang looked at Jing Jiaren curiously and turned to ask Jing Kang, "What kind of person is Sheng Xiao according to the rumors?"

Jing Jiaren was chewing a piece of crystal cake and did not participate in their discussion.

Jing Kang said with admiration, "He's unrivaled and peerless."

Upon hearing these words, Yu Huang suddenly bit the tip of her chopsticks. "Is that so?" Yu Huang put down her chopsticks and wiped her mouth. Then, she smiled and said, "It's true that my husband is unique. As for being unrivaled, that might not be the case."

Although she said that, Jing Kang could tell that Yu Huang was feeling proud and boastful.

He smiled and didn't expose Yu Huang's thoughts. He only said, "To be able to make an outstanding woman like Madam Yu Huang fancy him, he naturally can't be ordinary." These words flattered Yu Huang.

Yu Huang only smiled.

After breakfast, Yu Huang returned to her room.

There was a hotel guide on the desk in the room and there was free letter paper inside. After the guest finished writing the letter, they would send it to the box at the front desk. Then, it would be sent to various places on the super continents. As Yu Huang sat at the desk, she suddenly realized that she had not written a letter to Sheng Xiao for many years.

The last time they wrote letters to each other was when they had just met and were still studying at the Divine Realm Academy.

At that time, every letter she wrote was a love letter.

Now that she was married and had children, things were different.

After some thought, Yu Huang spread out a letter paper and took down a fine wolf hair brush from the table. She pondered for a moment before writing—

[To Mr. Sheng Xiao:

Today, I heard that Mr. Sheng Xiao is peerless and has fans all over the world. I have been in love with Mr. Sheng Xiao for a long time and have nowhere to confide my feelings, so I can only write a letter to send my longing…]

After she finished writing, Yu Huang put down the brush. Seeing that the handwriting wasn't dry yet, she read it silently.

After reading it, she revealed a mischievous smile.

After the handwriting was dry, she folded the letter paper into a heart shape and placed it into the envelope. She also placed a spiritual energy seal on the envelope. Yu Huang raised her brush again

and was about to write the address when her eyes suddenly stung.

Yu Huang held her temples. Then, she saw some shocking scenes that she had never seen before.

When she came back to her senses, Yu Huang lowered her head in a daze.

When she saw the black mark on the envelope, she suddenly changed her mind and wrote on the envelope, "Please send the letter to Sheng Xiao eight years later." novelbin

After confirming that there were no problems, Yu Huang pressed the service bell.

Soon, the female manager on the 19th floor of the hotel personally knocked on Yu Huang's door. "Guest, how can I help you?"

Yu Huang opened the door and handed the envelope to the female manager. "Hello, I have a letter. Please help me send it at the agreed time."

"Alright, it's our hotel's honor to be able to serve you, Madam Yu Huang." The female manager took the envelope and lowered her eyes to scan the information on it. After seeing the sentence on the envelope clearly, the female manager immediately raised her head and asked Yu Huang, "Madam Yu Huang, are you sure you want to send this letter eight years later?"

Yu Huang thought that the manager was worried about the deposit fee, so she said, "I see that your shop has a service to help guests deposit items. I've already transferred the deposit fee to your hotel's account."

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