Scars Of A Broken Bond by Calv Momose

Chapter 1600

Sabrina’s thoughts drifted back to a previous incident where she was rescued from Folette. Tyrone had been evasive to her since then, claiming he was on business commitments.

Later, she sensed something was off and went to his workplace to find him, only to discover he was with Galilea. It turned out that Tyrone had planned all these things and Galilea’s appearance was nothing more than an act.

This time around, Tyrone still tried to avoid her. Could he be dealing with another problem? But that seemed unlikely. Tyrone had assured her he would not keep it from her if trouble arose.

Yet, Sabrina knew his promises had proven unreliable. Trusting him was becoming more difficult. To uncover the truth, she decided a direct confrontation with Tyrone was necessary. Face to face, Tyrone would struggle to deceive her.

By now, Tyrone was likely at Wanda’s place. Without delay, Sabrina returned to the car, instructing the driver to head to Wanda’s place.

From afar, Sabrina noticed a vehicle stationed outside the entrance.

The car’s license plate was all too familiar to Sabrina, having shattered its windshield just days prior. Thus, Keilani must have been inside.

Sabrina recalled Tyrone mentioning Keilani’s visit to Wanda, purportedly on behalf of Kira. Kira was present in the house at the moment. But what happened? Why had Tyrone avoided seeing her?

Sabrina instructed the driver to stop the car a short distance from the house and proceeded on foot, making it clear that Tyrone should remain unaware of her approach.

The door stood ajar. Creeping closer, Sabrina caught the sound of Kira’s voice from within. “Tyrone, these are the findings of the paternity test. You had someone attend to it, entrusting Lynch with the

task. The results confirm Jennie as your biological daughter, with Keilani as Jennie’s biological mother. Surely, you must accept it now, right?” novelbin

Kira’s revelation knocked Sabrina off balance, her shock was clearly visible. She was speechless. Even though it was the peak of summer, she felt a chill throughout her body. Did she hear it wrong? Jennie was the offspring of Tyrone and Keilani? Could Tyrone really be Jennie’s biological father?

The absurdity of the situation did not make it seem any less true to Sabrina. It explained why Jennie bore a resemblance to Tyrone. And why Kira had seemed so eager to take Jennie in.

It made sense now why Jennie was so intelligent and endearing, yet found herself without parents.

Sabrina pieced together the events.

Kira was aware of Jennie’s heritage all along. Understanding that Jennie was Tyrone’s biological daughter and her own great- granddaughter, she wanted to take Jennie in.

Jennie being five implied that Tyrone had been involved with someone else before…

It never crossed Sabrina’s mind that Tyrone was a virgin when they met, given his past relationship with Galilea.

Sabrina could overlook Tyrone’s history with Galilea, but the revelation of Tyrone having a daughter out of wedlock was something she found hard to dismiss, despite her fondness for Jennie.

Just yesterday, Sabrina had reassured Jennie she would not send Jennie away after bringing the latter into her life. Yet, today brought startling news she hadn’t anticipated.

From Tyrone’s reaction, he didn’t know about this previously. Thus, he hadn’t deliberately deceived her… However, the reality remained that he fathered a child with another woman.

They had made up after what had transpired. Sabrina was pregnant with his child, thinking they were set for a joyful life. However, it appeared she had been too optimistic. Perhaps it was simply not meant to be for her and Tyrone.

Sabrina was overwhelmed with sorrow. Not wanting to hear anymore, she decided to leave. Having returned to the car, she instructed the driver, “Let’s leave.”

“Where to?”

After a moment’s contemplation, Sabrina decided to visit Bettie’s place.

Upon arriving at the destination, Sabrina stepped out and told the driver, “You may return now.”

She had the clothes in her room at Bettie’s place.

The driver paused briefly before responding, “Alright.”

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