Scars Of A Broken Bond by Calv Momose

Chapter 1599

The receptionist greeted Sabrina with a smile, “Miss Chavez, are you here to see Mr. Blakely? He hasn’t arrived at the office today.”

This news caught Sabrina off guard. She asked, “Did he come in earlier and then leave, or has he not shown up at all?”

“He hasn’t shown up at all.” Just then, someone had approached Tyrone.

The receptionist had made a call to his office.

Glancing at the clock, Sabrina’s brow furrowed slightly. This was odd.

Tyrone usually would have been at work by this time, unless something unexpected had happened.

She moved to a quieter spot in the lobby and dialed Tyrone’s number.

After more than ten seconds, the call connected.

Tyrone’s deep voice answered, “Hello?”

Without beating around the bush, Sabrina asked, “Where are you right now?”

After a brief pause, he replied, “At the office. Is everything okay?”

Sabrina frowned and silently scorned in her heart. He dared to lie to her. She resolved to confront Tyrone later and teach him a lesson.

“It’s nothing urgent. We can discuss it when you return.” novelbin

Tyrone sounded unsure. “Sabrina, I might need to leave for a business trip soon. If you need anything, please reach out to Kylan.”

“Alright, carry on with your work,” Sabrina said with a hint of chill, ending the call swiftly before dialing Kylan’s number.

The moment the call connected, Sabrina didn’t waste time. “Tyrone mentioned he’s off on a business trip soon?”

After a moment of hesitation, Kylan confirmed, “Yes.”

“To Semonar or Breckela?”

Caught off guard, Kylan took a guess, ““Semonar.”

“Are you certain?”

Sensing his mistake, Kylan quickly backtracked, “I apologize. I got it wrong. It’s actually Breckela.”

“But he just informed me his destination was Belfield. Kylan, it seems like your focus has shifted lately. Have you set your sights on a different company? If you’re contemplating leaving the Blakely Group, I can pass the message to Tyrone.”

“No, Miss Chavez, I mislead. However, resigning is the last thing on my mind!” Kylan was visibly flustered, struggling to explain. He attempted to cover for Tyrone, hoping Tyrone would appreciate his effort.

However, Sabrina wasn’t convinced by Kylan’s failure to correct his earlier statement, confirming her suspicion that Tyrone wasn’t truthful. There wasn’t any business trip, and Kylan was covering for him.

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