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Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297

The sword energy glowed vertically on the horizon. Huge palms of

flames covered the sky.

It was winter. All the plants and trees on the mountain had dried up.

‘s Arthur’s Flamecloud Palm attack lit the entire mountain on fire.

dEric and Yulia each performed various Path techniques.

y The sky was covered with dark clouds. Thunder was rolling, and

strong winds blew from all directions. Heavy rain started to pour in an


jooklia took out a piece of talisman from her bag and clamped it novelbin

erbetween her fingers. She shook it gently, and the talisman burned

urich purple flames.

e perfahre performed the Penta Cross Step, she recited the incantation, ky Tiseley is clear and the earth is wide. Corpse demon, I summon your

> me eliminateliminate the unjust!”

reciting réttingathe incantation, the flames of the talismans

s high andiervalubenveloped Yulia instantly.

ext second, sultansiepladstepped out of the flames.

ce was coveredovittredawith black lines, and her eyes emitted a green

meter-tall phantom shroud shrouded her physical body. The phantom s thin as a veil, with hollath byllow eye sockets that glowed green. It

tongue two meters longeandbela wild claw-like nails on both hands that

Chapter 1297

were at least 20 centimeters long.


Eric could not help but sneer. “Ha… No wonder you’re willing to join

forces with evil heretics like the Voodoo Parasite King of Shealor. It

seems that you also practice evil Path techniques!”

A Heavenly Master could summon gods and dark warriors, but Yulia

could summon dark creatures like Corpse demons. In order to cast

dark spells like these, one needed to establish a soul contract with

the demon.

Yulia was likely to be worshiping a corpse demon or had become a

lackey of the corpse demon.

“Hehehe… Heavenly Master, if you have any other skills, bring it on!”

Yulia’s expression seemed to be mocking. However, it was rather grotesque because a male voice was coming out of her mouth.

Eric took a deep breath. “Well then, I’ll show you Clear Dew Court’s Calming Fortress Method!”

He bit his fingers and drew symbols on his palms.

“Between light and dark, gods and earthly spirits, oh mighty H In the name of the divine, I compel you!” Eric’s palms glowed wi golden light as he finished the spell. He knelt on one knee and slammed his palms on the ground, causing the earth to shake.

Endless black smoke rose from the ground. A figure of the Protector Deity, Heimdall, merged with Eric.

Eric stood up slowly, pulled out the cedar wood sword behind him, and touched the sword with his left hand. The wooden sword lit up with golden light.

Chopy4 1297

He pointed his sword at Yulia, and his voice boomed majestically.”

You monster, how dare you act so recklessly?”

Yulia laughed in a sinister manner. “Look at what’s under my hand!”

With that, she waved her hands in the air. The already gloomy sky

became darker. A large number of black shadows emerged from the ground, baring their teeth as they rushed toward Eric.

“Thousand of dark warriors, obey orders to eliminate and suppress

these evil spirits!”

Eric raised his hand and waved. A group of dark warriors appeared behind him. Dull fighting sounds broke out among the dark warriors as they instantly fought back the black shadows.

Eric confronted Yulia with attacks.

The Profound Reality Realm experts who were slightly braver watched

the battle with a telescope from thousands of meters away. They


muttered, “The battle between the Golden Amulet Masters is a bit dull,

but this scene is comparable to the special effects in a movi

Suddenly, an explosion broke out in the sky.

The brave martial artists looked up and saw a figure falling tow

him with a terrifying wave of energy.

He took a closer look and thought, ‘Isn’t that someone from the

Heroic 13 Sect?’

The sect member hit the ground. A deep pit with a diameter of five meters appeared on the hard ground.

Julian had fallen, to the ground. He grabbed the edge of the pit by using his barely recovered right hand that had just been cured by Wash. The sect member was held in place by an invisible force


Hiimtowards the pit.

Julian ssqueezed the Heroic 13 Sect member’s neck and penetrated hisshaeart with his eagle talons on his left hand. He then crushed his

heart without any mercy.

Theernentiber of the Heroic 13 Sect had done many evil deeds in the Eastjomarnen He practiced evil arts and cannibalized human flesh. He had offended both humans and gods, and he would die without


Nash used the Proofound Sword Techniques to defeat the five


The Freemans cooperated tacitly by using defensive formations. The five of them hugged leathcotientightly.

Nash thought, ‘It seemssthatthelbest thing to do is to find

kill Arthur first and messsuppHarold’s mind.”

With that, Nash deliberatelyybaitted Arthur with an opening…

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