My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 2200

Chapter 2200

Josephine didn’t expect the man to come, and he even brought some roses with him. She covered her mouth in surprise before she rose from the chair and took the flowers. The man ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead. “You did a great job.”

Josephine was able to speak clearly, and her voice was easily distinguishable. No one could. tell it was her first day presenting the news. Ethan was just standing outside the studio. When a staff member turned around and saw the boss, she covered her mouth in shock. Ethan placed a finger on his lips and motioned for her not to make any noise or reveal his presence.

Therefore, the woman had the honor to stand beside Ethan as her heart pounded into a gallop. Although she knew he was there for Josephine, she couldn’t stay calm while standing beside a charming man. Josephine’s performance was amazing during the 45-minute live stream. All of them at the scene felt she had done a wonderful job..

During a break, Josephine let out a sigh of relief. She took a tissue from her assistant and wiped the sweat on her forehead. No doubt she was nervous.

Despite that, she had managed to conquer her anxiety. It wasn’t until the live stream ended that she became at ease. Just then, the staff members made way for someone. When the director was saying something, his assistant took his sleeve and pulled him away. Ethan was seen stepping toward Josephine with roses in his hands.

All of them didn’t expect Ethan to show his love. for the woman in the studio. They could tell that he truly loved her. Tori happened to pass by and saw the sight. She was so jealous that her face stiffened. She was also green with envy following Josephine’s successful live stream, for the woman didn’t make any mistakes even though it was her first time.

Now, Ethan even displayed his love for the woman in front of so many people. Tori could already imagine Josephine snatching her position with ease. Since she was Ethan’s girlfriend, it wouldn’t be

hard for her to present the news in the prime hour.

Fortunately, Tori had incited Katrina to frame the woman. Just wait, Josephine! The more glorious you are now, the harder you will fall! When Josephine and Ethan left the studio, Tori quickly ran away. They went to the man’s office, where he had prepared pastry and coffee for her since she had worked hard.

“You’ve even prepared so many foods for me. I felt I looked fat on camera!” Josephine complained while picking up a cake and eating it. When Ethan saw how adorable she looked, he curled his lips. “You’re not fat at all.”

Only then did Josephine finish the cake joyfully. The aroma of coffee permeated the air. It was wonderful to have the man by her side in the morning. She felt content and happy. That was the best life a woman could ever ask for.

In the past, she felt that love was unnecessary as it would only affect her work. Now, it seemed that the right man could share the best things in life with her. novelbin

“Come on.” Josephine held out a small piece of cake for the man. When she caught a whiff of his aromatic coffee, she picked it up and tasted it, then put down the cup with a frown. “It’s so bitter.” She hated bitter coffee.

He looked at her with a smile. “Drink your own coffee. I’ve added sugar and cream for you.” Josephine took a sip of her coffee and realized it was the taste she loved while Ethan looked lovingly at her. Just then, his phone rang. He took a look and said to the woman, “I’ll pick this up.”

Then, he left the place with his phone. Josephine batted her eyes, wondering why he didn’t connect the call in front of her. All the same, she didn’t read too much into it. She recalled that she had to return to the office and write a report later. As such, she picked up the coffee and left the place. After she rounded a corner, she heard Ethan’s voice coming from the balcony.

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