I become a SheEO After Dirvorce

Chapter 505

Chapter 505

Chapter 505 A Guilty Conscience

Jasmine was completely dumbfounded. What the hell was Zayla doing? Lincoln hugged Zayla with one hand and gently stroked her little head with the other.

“Another mistake?

“Who dares to say that you made a mistake? Who dares to say that you will make another mistake?” His deep voice was so powerful. When Lincoln said this, he was looking at Jasmine. Jasmine quickly shook her head. “It’s not me, I didn’t say she made a mistake. Lincoln, I didn’t!” Lincoln sneered, “You better not have said it.” He just warned her but did not pursue it anymore, for fear that she would do something desperately. Miriam immediately smoothed it over.

“Well, it’s a misunderstanding. In the next three months, Zayla and Jasmine will train together and accept the assessment. You need to help each other.” Now that Miriam had come forward, the matter was over. Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly echoed, “Zayla and I will definitely help each other. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, Jasmine,” replied Zayla in time. Jasmine, who was acting obediently, was speechless. Miriam looked at Lincoln and asked, “Lincoln, why are you here?” Lincoln didn’t speak but just looked outside. “Go out and have a look.”

“What happened?” Miriam hurriedly walked outside. The driver and the woman who worked for Jasmine were tethered by a rope attached to a four-wheeled basket. The basket was shaped like a pumpkin cart, but inside was a dog… Janus was eating snacks in a Rolls-Royce with the car door open.

“Run slowly. Are you going to scare Unicorn to death?” Unicorn was the husky sitting in the basket. It had only one ear, so Janus named it Unicorn. Unicorn, wearing a hat and scarf, was sitting in the

pumpkin cart with soft cushions.

It squinted its eyes from time to time. It looked as annoying as Janus. After Janus roared, the two hurriedly slowed down. Janus picked up his phone and started recording a short video. “Unicorn, look here! Your cute and handsome Daddy is here!”

“Nonsense!” Seeing this scene, Miriam immediately stepped forward. At the sight of Miriam, Janus continued to shout with a smile, “Unicorn, come quickly. Your charming Grandma is here!” Unicorn was very cooperative, looked in Janus’s direction, and even acted cutely.

“Not bad. You are photogenic!” “Janus!” Miriam shouted again, “What are you doing? Why do you ask the two people to pull your dog?” “That’s my son! It’s your grandson, too! What’s wrong with asking them to pull Unicorn?”!

“You! Nonsense! Janus, it’s fine for you to mess around. Why are you becoming more and more domineering now?” Miriam said and went to grab Janus’s ear. Janus ran away, covering his ears while running. “They did it voluntarily!”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask them and Lincoln.” Miriam looked at the two people not far away, and they nodded cheerfully.

“Yes. You Majesty, we did it voluntarily! We like Unicorn very much!” The two said in unison and smiled a few times. Janus spread his hands, with an expression showing, “Look, I didn’t lie to you.” novelbin

Miriam could tell they were not voluntary but coerced, and she felt something was wrong. Janus was her son. How could she not know him well? Although he used to mess around, he didn’t disrespect others.

Even if he disrespected others and messed around, Lincoln would have stopped him. He was so afraid of Lincoln that he would listen to Lincoln. But now, Lincoln didn’t intend to stop him. Miriam turned her

head and looked at the crowd not far away.

Everyone didn’t change their expressions except Jasmine and her servant! Miriam instantly understood. It seemed they were playing tricks with her! Miriam lightly poked Janus’s head.

“They are voluntary. That’s my fault for blaming you. Well, don’t go too far. It’s cold. Be careful of Unicorn catching a cold.”

“You make a lot of sense! I paid a great effort to adopt Unicorn from Bonnie. If it catches a cold, Bonnie must chase me with a knife, right?” Then why don’t you ask them to stop?” “Hey… I installed a small heater under the pumpkin cart.”

Miriam was speechless! Janus continued to make videos for Unicorn. Miriam twisted his arm, implying him not to go too far.

They re-entered the dance studio. Jasmine’s expression was still not very good. She had a guilty conscience. While Miriam was checking the dance costumes, Zayla cared for her.

“Are you fine?” Jasmine shook her head, smiled, and said hurriedly, “I am fine. It’s just because it was too cold outside.” Zayla nodded. “Yes, I also feel very cold.” Saying that, in front of Jasmine, she raised her hands and handed them to Lincoln…

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