Getting $10 Trillion Out Of Nowhere

Chapter 592

Chapter 592: An Encounter With Yana Weaver

After seeing Connor leave, Madison kept thinking about one thing.

Why would a rich heir like Connor hide his identity?

Wouldn’t it be a great honor to let everyone know he was rich?

This kind of thing might be very prestigious to Madison and the others.

However, to Connor, this kind of thing would only bring him endless trouble.

Reputation might be very important to ordinary people, but it was just a burden to Connor.

Although many people wanted to be rich heirs, Connor felt that he was happier when he was an ordinary person.

After all, Connor just didn’t have money. He wouldn’t be troubled by other things.

But now, the happiness that Connor obtained through money was far less than the worries.

After leaving Harlem Hotel, Connor took out his cell phone and wanted to call Carlos.

However, Connor suddenly realized that his phone had been switched off.

Therefore, Connor couldn’t contact Carlos for the time being. He could only stand at the hotel entrance and wait for Carlos to return.

An hour later.

Connor finally saw Carlos hobbling toward the entrance of the hotel.

“Mr. McDonald, why are you out here?” When Carlos saw Connor standing at the hotel entrance, he hurried to his side and asked him nervously.

“The party just ended, so here 1 am,” Connor replied indifferently.

“I see. I just went out for a meal. 1 didn’t expect you to come out so soon, Mr.

McDonald…” Carlos replied to Connor softly. He took out his phone to check the time and asked, “Mr. McDonald, are we going back now?”

“What time is it now?” Connor looked at the distant sky as he asked in a low voice.

“It’s already 10 PM!” Carlos answered hurriedly.

“It’s already so late. 1 didn’t expect to waste so much time just now…” A trace of helplessness flashed in Connor’s eyes. novelbin

Connor originally planned to go back tonight and then to school tomorrow. Rachel only gave him a day off.

However, judging from the current situation, Connor and Carlos probably could not go back now.

It was already past io PM. If Connor were going to take the bus home, it would be too late.

Therefore, they could only wait until tomorrow morning to leave.

Connor turned to Carlos and said, “It’s already so late. Let’s forget it. There shouldn’t be any buses at the bus station. Let’s find a hotel and stay for the night. We’ll take the bus back tomorrow morning.”

“Mr. McDonald, if anything urgent, I can get Mr. Morgan’s driver to pick us up…” Carlos said hurriedly.

“There’s no need. Let’s talk about it tomorrow morning…” Connor waved his hand without thinking.

“Alright!” Carlos nodded and said to Connor, “Mr. McDonald, our company runs a chain hotel nearby. Why don’t we stay there? It isn’t bad. Moreover, it’s run by our company. The security work there can be better…”

“Sure!” Connor nodded gently and followed Carlos to the hotel.

A few minutes later, Connor followed Carlos to a hotel called W Hotels.

As Carlos had claimed, the hotel was luxuriously decorated, and the ambiance was very nice.

After entering the hotel, Carlos asked Connor, “Mr. McDonald, what do you think of this hotel?”

“Great!” Connor nodded lightly.

In fact, Connor didn’t have high requirements for hotels. No matter where he stayed, it was the same for Connor.

Carlos walked straight to the front desk when he heard Connor’s words.

Since Carlos had been to Borealis City often, the hotel staff knew him. They were polite when they received Carlos and booked two presidential suites for Connor and Carlos.

However, Carlos did not reveal Connor’s identity to the hotel staff to prevent incidents.

However, when the hotel staff saw Carlos’s respectful attitude toward Connor, a hint of doubt flashed in their eyes.

Carlos was considered a very powerful figure on Thomas’ side.

Although he was not a senior executive of the company and did not hold any important positions, Thomas thought highly of Carlos, which was why the employees here respected him.

After booking the presidential suite, Connor and Carlos walked toward the room with the room card.

After a whole day, Connor was already exhausted. He just wanted to return to his room and rest for a while.

However, when Connor and Carlos walked out of the elevator, they suddenly saw a few men in black tugging at two girls. They seemed to be arguing about something.

Connor could vaguely hear the voices of these two girls. Connor felt that one of the voices seemed familiar, so he could not help but turn to take a look.

However, when Connor saw the two girls, he was instantly stunned.

“It’s her?” Connor could not help but sigh.

Carlos seemed to have seen the two girls, but he was rather calm, which had much to do with his personality.

Except for Connor, who was a little reserved, Carlos was always cold to everyone else.

After Connor saw the appearance of these two girls, he stopped in his tracks. Carlos knew what Connor meant, so he stopped as well.

At this moment, the girls being bothered by the men in black were none other than Yana and Lena, whom Connor had met on the bus this morning.

A strange look flashed in Carlos’s eyes. He turned to Connor and said, “Mr.

McDonald, those two girls seem to have encountered some trouble. Should we go over and help?”

Carlos was a man of few words, but he was quite good at reading people.

If it were anyone else, he would not have wanted to meddle in other people’s business.

However, Carlos could feel that Connor cared about the two girls. Moreover, Yana and Lena were very nice to Connor..

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