Enchanted Nightfall: Falling for Destiny

Chapter 356

Tyrone descended the stairs early in the morning only to be greeted by the delicious aroma of ribs cooking. He was puzzled, wondering why his mother was making ribs at the crack of dawn. To his surprise, breakfast was served without offering him a single bite, and without any further ado, his mother packed the ribs, handed the container to him, and simply said, "Take it to her!"

Being cared for in such a manner filled Quintessa with a long-forgotten sense of happiness. The skincare products she had just used were a gift from Mrs. York, and the meal she had eaten was prepared by Mrs. York as well. Despite having no blood relation to her, Mrs. York extended such warmth. With a smile, Quintessa opened the box of ribs, found not only ribs but also a thermos with two veggie burgers and some oatmeal.

Quintessa asked Tyrone, "Have you eaten?"

Tyrone grimaced, "Not yet, but I wouldn't dare. Mom said I can't steal your food."

Quintessa chuckled, "That's right, you can't."

There was something about the way Quintessa ate that made it seem so appetizing, even though she didn't have the graceful elegance of those high society girls. Tyrone, however, found her way of eating quite charming.novelbin

In no time, Quintessa polished off the veggie burgers and a third of the ribs, and finished off the oatmeal.

Getting up, she patted her stomach in satisfaction, "Nothing beats a full belly." Carefully, she covered the remaining ribs.

Quintessa pulled out a napkin to wipe her mouth, "I'm running out of time; I need to head to work. You should hurry to your job as well."

Tyrone disdainfully commented, "I've noticed something about you. You always seem to forget my favors after eating."

His words had a double meaning. Quintessa paused for a moment, remembering his earlier comment about his staying over without any gains.

With a slight smile, she replied, "That's because I can't afford the bill!"

Tyrone caught the underlying sentiment in her words. He sighed inwardly, realizing she still dared not to open her heart. Despite her struggles, she always tried to appear stronger than anyone else. Tyrone said, "Sean has been arrested by the cops, just over an hour ago!"

Quintessa was startled, "Arrested, is it because of you?"

Tyrone spread his hands, "I can't control the police. It's just his company's CFO reported him for tax evasion, embezzlement, and bribery!"

Quintessa curled her lips into a smile, radiant yet sinister, "He brought this upon himself; he has only himself to blame."

"I suspect that a scoundrel like him won't just let things lie. To escape punishment, he'll surely drag others down with him. He must harbor a strong hatred for you now, perhaps even believing you're behind his arrest. He might disclose our information damaging to you, such as your order to have Lilian killed."

After a moment of contemplation, Quintessa said, "I think I need to meet someone."

"I'll go with you," Tyrone offered.

"I can..."

Tyrone placed a finger on Quintessa's lips to stop her


speaking. "Don't refuse. It's useless anyway. Won't let you go alone.

now on, you won't have to face things like this by yourself. Content

Quintessa's hand trembled slightly. She murmured, "But you don thave to:" "

"It's not for you to decide whether I need to do. That's my concern. Just

focus on your acting, and don't get too friendly with other men. Of else, I'll get mad especially if you se filming as an excuse."

Quintessa swatted his hand away,

"You had my intimate scenesouth from the script. Thaven't even started En. with you about that."

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