Cultivation Online

Chapter 1487 Yan Xiaoxiao's Interview(3)

Chapter 1487 Yan Xiaoxiao's Interview(3)

1487 Yan Xiaoxiao's Interview(3)

"I heard from Shi Lang that your reason for joining the Demon Sealing Faction was because Yuan needed 10 members to create the faction, but what is keeping you here?" Yan Xiaoxiao asked.

"That's simple. Although those who aren't by his side won't understand this, Yuan has this certain charm that beckons those around him to follow him. I am following him because I am intrigued by his very existence. I want to see his limit and what he'll achieve in the future. Of course, following him also has many benefits. That I cannot deny," Wu Zao said with a calm expression.

Although it was initially his family who ordered him to follow Yuan, he eventually chose to follow Yuan of his own accord after realizing how interesting Yuan's existence was.

"What are some of these benefits that you speak of?"

"For one, we're all growing much faster than if we'd remained in the Jaded Garden. He also has access to an unfathomable amount of resources that would shock the world if revealed." Wu Zao said, purposefully teasing those who will be watching this interview in the future.

Despite Yuan's vast wealth and powerful resources, none of them from the Jaded Garden asked him for anything, nor do they have any intention of doing so in the future.They didn't follow Yuan for his resources, so they saw no reason to request any. Of course, if Yuan offered them resources on his own accord, they wouldn't refuse.

"How satisfied are you with your performance during the Faction War?" Yan Xiaoxiao asked a moment later.

"It was average, I guess. If I weren't so worried about hurting those weaklings, I would've wiped them all out by myself."

"I-Is that so… Then what do you typically do when you're not training?"

"I surf the internet and watch music videos—mainly yours." Wu Zao replied with a slightly bashful smile.

"Thank you for your support!" Yan Xiaoxiao responded exactly how an idol would respond to a fan—with a beaming smile that could charm even heaven itself.

Wu Zao nearly had a heart attack and quickly said, "While we're on this subject, would you mind giving me your autograph later?"

"Of course!"novelbin

Sometime later, Yan Xiaoxiao approached Wang Bingbing for her interview.

"Hello! Can you tell me a little about yourself and your background?"

"I am Wang Bingbing, and I came from the Jaded Garden with my younger brother. I wield the sword."

"This Jaded Garden is a seclusive place, correct? Are you sure it's okay to talk about it so openly? Many people will see this interview." Yan Xiaoxiao asked.

"It's fine. It used to be secluded because of certain circumstances, but we no longer need to hide ourselves," Wang Bingbing said.

"You joined the Demon Sealing Faction because Yuan needed 10 people to create the faction, correct? Do you plan on leaving anything soon?"

"That is correct, but I do not have any plan to leave this place, nor do I want to. It's very fun living with everyone like one big family, and I learn a lot of things from those around me, especially Yuan. Don't be fooled by his innocent and young appearance. He may seem young, but he knows more than the elders at my family, and he's the strongest person I know."

"I see… What do you typically do when you're not training or playing Cultivation Online?"

"I spend that time reading books—mostly martial arts novels."

"How far have you progressed in Cultivation Online?"

"How does one evaluate their progress?" Wang Bingbing asked.

"Your cultivation and current realm, I suppose."

"Oh, then I am at the peak of Spirit Grandmaster and currently within the Second Heaven."

"Huh? You're still at Second Heaven? I thought you would be with Yuan in the Fourth Heaven."

"We may be in the same faction, but we have our own adventure and path. I am a Core Disciple at a certain Sect, so I cannot leave as I want. However, I will be leaving soon to ascend. The same goes for the others."

"I see… What do you think about Yuan as the faction's leader? Do you think there is anything he needs to improve?"

Wang Bingbing chuckled and said, "Even though he's the leader, he doesn't act like one, which is what I consider his biggest fault. Other than that, he's very reliable and caring. He might be a little sadistic during training at times, but it's not a bad thing since we're growing tremendously from it."

Yan Xiaoxiao moved on to the next member sometime later.

"Hello, my name is Wang Ming."

"You must be Wang Bingbing's younger brother."

"That's right."

"You weren't at the Faction War—the Demon Sealing Faction's debut. Why was that?"

Wang Ming sighed, "I was inside Cultivation Online at that time—so were the others, so we didn't know about it until it had already ended."

"What about the next Faction War? The Demon Sealing Faction has declared war on the Fiery Garden of Hell. Will you be participating in that one?"

"No, I won't. The others also won't be participating."

"Huh? Why is that?"

"Because Yuan wants to deal with them alone." Wang Ming casually shrugged.

"S-seriously…?" Yan Xiaoxiao's eyes widened with surprise at this information.


"And you believe he'll be able to do that alone? The Fiery Garden of Hell has over half a million members… That's over ten times what the Fiery Locust Swarm has."

"I believe nothing is impossible for Yuan. Numbers and talents are meaningless before him. If I had to describe him with one word, it'd be 'monster'."

"And what do you think about Yuan as a leader?"

"Hmmm…" Wang Ming pondered for a moment before responding, "He doesn't behave like a leader, but he's definitely qualified as one and a good leader, as everyone knows they can rely on him during times of need. If he says he'll do something, it will happen. And that is what's most important to me."

"I see…" Yan Xiaoxiao nodded and continued asking questions.

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