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Chapter 329: 127. Accompanying Witch_2

Chapter 329: 127. Accompanying Witch_2

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Now, the flesh wings had entered a rapid growth state, extending from over two meters in length to more than five meters, with numerous bone spurs emerging on their surface.

Upon seeing the magic car forced to reveal itself from its invisible state, the double-winged aberrations screeched and flew towards it.

As they flew, they spun in mid-air like a spinning top, then suddenly spread their wings, flinging the bone spurs on their wings towards the magic car.

Just as Noland Lee stepped on the accelerator, numerous bone spurs, like short daggers, hurled towards him, clattering on the magic car.

The exterior of the magic car and the front windshield managed to block these bone spurs, but they could not avoid the dents, scratches, and cobweb-like cracks on the glass made by the assailant.

This fierce barrage terrified the two people in the car, fearing that the bone spurs would penetrate the magic car’s protective shield and enter the vehicle.

Fortunately, the magic car’s defense capabilities were up to the task.

As Noland Lee drove into the crowd of enemies amidst the bone spur storm, not a single spur penetrated the vehicle.

“Thud! Thud!”

The magic car smashed through several double-winged aberrations, spraying blood mist.

The sound of this impact was nowhere near as crisp as before.

The force of the impact was also not as strong as before.

This was partly due to the disruptive effect of the bone spur attack on the magic car’s flight and Noland Lee’s deliberate deceleration.

After crushing the two double-winged mutants wielding the Bone-mending Wands, Noland Lee immediately hit the brakes, swung the steering wheel, and performed a mid-air drift.

He parked the magic car between the double-winged aberrations and the Bone-mending Wands, using the car’s body to create cover for Philia.

“Philia, quickly open the door and grab the Bone-mending Wands!”

Philia pushed open the passenger door, reached out her magic wand, casting several wind belts towards the falling two halves of the Bone-mending Wands and their cores.

“Crash!” Bone spurs attacked again, covering the vehicle’s body in dents with magic metal chips flying everywhere.

The driver’s seat glass was suddenly covered in hundreds of cobweb-like cracks.

Noland Lee’s forehead twitched, and he quickly cast “Magic Shield” to protect himself.

“Bang!” The car door closed, and Philia excitedly yelled:

“Let’s go, Ray Lee! We got the Bone-mending Wands!”

As Noland Lee turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator, he heard Philia moan in pain.novelbin

“Ah… Ah… I feel so terrible…”

Noland Lee glanced at Philia beside him, and his scalp tingled.

He saw a white finger bone like a wriggling maggot within the broken Bone-mending Wand, aggressively burrowing back and forth into Philia’s tender hand, as if trying to dig into her palm.

This white finger bone was the wand core of the Bone-mending Wand! The most sinister part of the whole wand was this core!

On just one glance at the core, Noland Lee felt as if he was surrounded by mountains of corpses and seas of blood, with countless tragic screams and wails echoing in his ears.

He barely controlled the image of the sea of blood in his mind and focused all his attention on reading the user manual of the Bone-mending Wand.

“Let me see if there’s a temporary way to seal the wand… Oh! Found it!”

Noland Lee pulled out his own magic wand, aimed it at the wriggling wand core, and sketched two Undead Runes using Death Energy.

The Undead Runes turned into black light, striking the core that was about to burrow into Philia’s palm.

The core shuddered, stiffening like it had been struck by lightning and slipped off.

Noland Lee didn’t have time to check Philia’s condition, so he just scooped up the wand core and stuffed it into a prepared metal box.

He then sketched a few more Undead Runes and fired two streaks of black light at the broken Bone-mending Wand.

Under the effect of the black light, the filthy Bone-mending Wand became tame and restrained, no longer recklessly casting nightmarish images of the sea of blood and corpses. The oppressive atmosphere in the magic car lightened considerably.

Noland Lee took the two broken pieces of the Bone-mending Wand from Philia and stuffed them both into the metal box.

High-grade magic tools like the Bone-mending Wand could no longer be contained in ordinary Folding Space, and even the Blood Haven space on Noland Lee’s person was unable to store it.

Using an ordinary metal box as a storage container for the Bone-mending Wand at this time was something Noland Lee had to resort to.

Looking at Philia’s condition, she had already fallen into a deep coma.

Her Alchemy Weaponry had passively deactivated, changing her back from a white Meow Meow Person to her original girl form.

Her face was pale, her eyes tightly closed, her face contorted in pain. Strings of sweat hung on her cheeks, dampening her hair.

Upon closer inspection, her closed eyelids would occasionally release some black fumes, appearing very eerie.

Noland Lee cast Deconstruction, consuming some energy points to examine Philia’s condition.

[Negative effect:]

[Mental Trauma:]

[Currently at Level 1, increasing by 1 level every 30 minutes. Duration: up to 24 hours.]

[The core of the Bone-mending Wand has caused serious negative effects on Philia’s brain. She needs effective treatment as soon as possible.]

[For every level increase in Mental Trauma, Philia will receive a new negative effect.]

[System prediction: the imminent negative effect is ‘Severe Memory Loss’.]

“Severe Memory Loss? That’s troublesome…”

Noland Lee glanced at the rearview mirror.

After the magic car accelerated at full speed, he left the double-winged mutants far behind.

With the enemies no longer interfering, the most important task now was to treat Philia.

Noland Lee checked his Personal Panel, inspecting his Spell List.


Although he was proficient in death-type magic and had some knowledge of mental magic, he had no idea how to treat Philia.

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