Blind Date Turned Proposal

Chapter 1345 He Is Not Coming

Dexter departed with an air of conclusiveness, leaving all the documents untouched. However, the sheer determination and coldness in his departure didn't escape Juliette's notice, signaling his anger.


Amidst the romantic glow of the candlelight dinner, she seemed especially solitary. Watching his figure fade away, she felt a sharp ache in her heart and whispered softly, "If winning her back proves impossible, could you perhaps consider turning back to me?"

But he was out of earshot, behaving in a manner that was uncharacteristically indifferent.

Josie was on the verge of irritation.novelbin

It had been twenty minutes since the waiter had presented the last course, and there was still no sign of Dexter.

Twenty minutes earlier, Josie had sent a message to inquire if he was still tied up. His prompt reply suggested he was wrapping things up and encouraged her to go ahead and order, promising to join her momentarily as soon as the meal was ready.

It was quite unusual for one to suggest their guest start the meal solo.

Yet, Josie complied with his request. His promises were seldom broken, reserved only for moments when he was genuinely caught up.

Now, faced with a table laden with dishes, Josie wondered whether the kitchen had been unusually quick, or if Dexter was simply running late.

Her patience was wearing thin, any feelings of nostalgia dissipating. A promise was a promise, and it should be kept.

Sighing in resignation, Josie reluctantly picked up her utensils to eat. The food, although presumably delicious, lost its flavor to her. Her eyes continually wandered outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. "Miss, would you like some company during your meal?"

A knock at the door was followed by an offer.

"No, thank you," Josie responded sharply, mistaking it for an unwelcome advance. She shot a brief, dismissive look toward the source of the interruption.

But at a glance, her expression changed to one of surprise, momentarily furrowing her brows. "Morgan?"

The man, clad in a white shirt and black trousers, leaned against the doorway with a casual stance, a mischievous smile playing on his lips, a stark contrast to their last meeting in Rivodia where he seemed more defeated.

Upon her recognition, he sauntered in and took a seat across from her. "Seems like you're not really enjoying your solo dinner, ordering so much?"

With no appetite, Josie aimlessly moved her food around. "What's brought you to Wavery?"

"Perhaps, rather than that, you should be curious about why I ended up running into you here."

"Who did you ask?"

"You know me that well, huh?"

"Strangely, despite our limited interactions, I feel like I've got a good sense of who you are," Josie said, barely hiding her reluctance to acknowledge this.

Morgan, undeterred by whether it

was a compliment or a critique, grabbed the utensils Dexter was supposed to use, commenting, "Seems like you were waiting for someone."

Josie immediately knocked his chopsticks aside. "Did I say you could eat?"

"Here I am, and you're denying me food? Doesn't seem quite fair, does it? Besides, the person you're waiting for isn't coming," Morgan continued, nonchalantly grabbing a piece of food.

Josie stopped. "You know who I was waiting for?"

"Hasn't it always been the same person all these years?"

The reality was somewhat ridiculous; apparently, everyone knew.

Without a word, Josie fell silent, contemplatively chewing her food, her eyes downcast.

"Aren't you going to ask me why I mentioned that? Your curiosity seems to have faded with time, Ms. Warren. This lack of interest could stifle your creativity."

"I'm not interested in what you're saying, liar."

Morgan chuckled, amused, tapping on the edge of his plate. "I've never once lied to you."

Only then did Josie look up. "Oh really? Make an oath then."

Unfazed, Morgan quickly retrieved his phone. "Take a look for yourself. Here you are waiting for him, while he's out enjoying a candlelit dinner with someone else. Is this really worth it? Look closely; I assure you, I'm not lying."

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