A Journey from Bitterness to Truth

Chapter 212

Chapter 212

Yvan felt as if his heart was being excavated with every word Matilda uttered, his voice quivering, “Matilda, do you really have to be this way?”

She didn’t even give him a chance to apologize!

Matilda laughed, a light retort from her lips slicing through Yvan’s heart like a knife, “Yvan, do you honestly think I’m still hanging on your every excuse?”

Yvan froze, his soul shaking as if struck by a sledgehammer. novelbin

“Forget about saying sorry, the past doesn’t come with an ‘I’m sorry‘ card, Yvan. What you did to me is way past the point of being fixed by a simple apology!”

Her final sentence was almost a roar, her whole body trembling violently.

As tears made their way down her cheeks, Matilda realized her heart had truly died. The man she once loved now stood before her, and she felt nothing but sorrow, not a flicker

of emotion.

Oh, Yvan, what have you done with the woman who once loved you so dearly?

Wiping away her tears, Matilda said, “Go now, Logan’s still sleeping, and I don’t want to wake him.”

“Matilda…” Yvan panicked. He had never seen her like this, her entire being radiating hate towards him. She didn’t even want his apology; she would never forgive him!

At some point, hate becomes so deep that even ‘I’m sorry‘ loses its meaning.

Matilda pointed towards the door, her voice softening, “Yvan, just go. We have nothing to do with each other anymore.”

Yvan looked at the woman before him. She seemed fragile and powerless, yet she was hysterically refusing him. She had told him more than once to get lost, to vanish from her sight, but how could Yvan just comply? The woman who had loved him so profoundly five years ago was now cutting ties without a second thought. Had she even considered his feelings? She, Matilda, had no right to break it off like this!

Instead, he stepped forward and grabbed her hand.

She shook violently, trying to break free, “Are you trying to force me again?”

Yvan let out a cold laugh, “I would never stoop to forcing you.”

Matilda’s eyes reddened as she said, “Your pathetic persistence is embarrassing.”

Enraged by her words, Yvan pinned her against the wall. “Matilda, my patience has its limits. Stop playing hard to get with me!”



Matilda let out a ridiculous laugh, “Playing hard to get? With you? You think you’re worth that?”

It had always been him using those words to shame her, but now, hearing them from her lips ignited something in Yvan. His emotions swelled to a breaking point, then exploded.

He gripped Matilda’s neck tightly, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

“Come on, what haven’t you done yet?” Matilda was fearless now, “Yvan, I’m curious to see just how ruthless you really are, to what lengths you’ll push me!”

So he was the devil in her eyes, wasn’t he? He wanted to make amends, but what about her attitude? That cold look in her eyes as she faced him, did she think he couldn’t feel pain?

He wanted to have a proper conversation with her and their son, to make things right. But she faced him with such disdain; why should he accept that? Matilda, he, Yvan, had never begged for a woman’s forgiveness in his life, and she had no right to treat him this way!

Furious, Yvan flung her onto the couch. “Do you really think you’re something special? Let me tell you, if I wanted to keep you, you wouldn’t even have the luxury to think about death! I take pity on you, and you have the audacity to reject it? Who do you think you are?”

Matilda laughed, a laugh more bitter than Yvan’s, “Pity me? I don’t need your pity. You’d better stay away and stop disrupting my life!”

Yvan pressed down on her, “Don’t reject the wine and then resent the hangover.”

Matilda met his gaze fearlessly, her words crisp and clear, “Yvan, I’d like to see what you can threaten me with this time. Whatever you use to threaten me, that’s exactly what I’ll let go of!”

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